Jian Peng

Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science
College of Medicine (by courtesy)
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Office: 2118 Siebel Center, 201 N Goodwin Ave Urbana, IL, 61801
Email: jianpeng(AT)illinois.edu



Machine learning, Machine learning + Bio/medicine, Machine Learning + Chemistry.

Recent news

-Our paper on integrating sequence and structural features for protein-RNA binding prediction will appear at PLOS Computational Biology, 2019.
-Our paper on applying RL to grammar inference is accepted by ESEC/FSE 2019.
-Our paper on imitation learning to POMDP is accepted by UAI 2019.
-Our team is a winner of the IDG-DREAM Drug-Kinase Binding Prediction Challenge 2019
-Our papers on bayesian optimization and generative models are accepted by ICML 2019.
-Our papers on reinforcement learning, contextual bandits, non-convex optimization, transfer learning are accepted by ICLR 2019.
-Our paper on hyperbolic learning is accepted by AISTATS 2019.
-Our paper on few-shot learning for protein binding prediction is accepted by RECOMB 2019.
-The NAR paper on manifold learning for Hi-C data analysis is selected as one of the "Top-10 Chinese Bioinformatics Breakthroughs in 2018" by the Journal of Genomics, Proteomics and Bioinformatics.
-Congratulations to Abhinav and Anusri for winning the 2018 Siebel Scholarships!
-Our papers, including "emrQA: A Large Corpus for Question Answering on Electronic Medical Records" and others, are accepted by EMNLP 2018. Congrats to Anusri and all!
-Our paper entitled "Typing tumors using pathways selected by somatic evolution" is accepted by Nature Communications. Congrats to Sheng!
-Our paper on deep learning for protein structure search is accepted by ECCB 2018.
-Our paper on meta exploration algorithm is accepted by ICML 2018.
-Our generalizable single-cell mapping algorithm is accepted by Cell Systems.
-Our papers on graphical model inference and energy-efficient neural networks are accepted by IJCAI 2018.
-Our Cell Systems paper on Parkinson's disease gene network received the 2018 inaugural Bishop Dr. Karl Golser Award. Congratulations to Vik!
-We presented two recent deep RL papers, Genetic policy optimization and Action-dependent Stein control variate in the NIPS 2017 Deep Reinforcement Learning Symposium and ICLR 2018.
-Our papers on mega-scale single-cell visualization and deciphering signaling specificity got accepted by RECOMB 2018.
-Our new off-policy learning algorithm got the third place in the 2017 NIPS Criteo Ad Placement Challenge
-Our paper "Enhancing Evolutionary Couplings with Deep Convolutional Neural Networks" describing a CASP-winning algorithm for protein contact prediction is accepted by Cell Systems. Congrats to Yang, Perry and Qing!
-Our paper on network-based drug target prediction appears in Nature Communications. Congrats to Yunan!
-Our recent reinforcement learning work "Stein Variational Policy Gradient" appears in UAI 2017
-Our work on optimality tightening for Q-learning appears in ICLR 2017
-Our work on Parkinson's disease gene network was featured as the cover article of the February 2017 issue of Cell Systems.
-Our team iFold_1 was ranked 1st in contact prediction in the worldwide protein structure prediction (CASP12, 2016) competition. Congrats to Yang and Qing!
-Our paper on large-scale biological network integration was published in Cell Systems (2016)

Selected recent awards

Tencent AI Lab Rhino-Bird Gift Fund (2018-2019)
Microsoft Azure Research Award (2017-2018)
AWS Cloud Credits for Research (2017-2018)
NSF CAREER Award (2017-2022)
PhRMA Foundation Award in Informatics (2017-2018)
NCSA Faculty Fellowship (2016-2017)
Sloan Research Fellowship (2016-2018)